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谢高山Crme de Mre (Blackberry)
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Crme de Mre (Blackberry; 700 ml, 20% vol.)

Blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and morellos of the Loire valley, vine peaches from Provence... from the first tasting, a conclusion affirms itself: the fruit crmes of Combier are worthy of their name. The summer harvest gives absolute priority to the freshness of the fruits. In the shadow of the storehouses, red fruits and vine peaches are mashed for several months, then very gently pressed. From this light repose, the crmes of Combier gain their richness and character - all of the fruit passes into alcohol, which is filled with its aromas and colour. The result: a taste of fresh fruit sought after in palaces.

Please visit our ordering page for information on obtaining Crme de Mre!

Why not try Crme de Mre with one of the following cocktails:

Kentucky Summer
  • 30 ml Bourbon
    15 ml Crme de Mre
    25 ml Pineapple Juice
  • 10 ml Gin
    20 ml Banana Liqueur
    5 ml Crme de Mre
    10 ml Pineapple Juice
    Tonic Water (Schweppes)
Shake all ingredients except the tonic water, pour into an old-fashioned glass and fill with tonic. Add pineapple and cherry garnish.
Abyss Under The Pack Ice
  • 15 ml Crme de Mre
    20 ml Green Crme de Menthe
    20 ml Blue Curaao
    30 ml Vodka
Slowly and carefully pour the ingredients in the order given into a liqueur glass (ideally a pousse cafe glass), taking care not to disturb the layers.
  • 30 ml Gin
    10 ml Crme de Framboise
    10 ml Crme de Mre
    10 ml Lemon Juice
    8 Raspberries
Muddle the raspberries in the base of a whiskey sour glass with creme de mure and creme de framboise, then add crushed ice filling the glass. Add rest of ingredients and stir until the drink is a blood red color, and serve.