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XIEGAOSHAN - Rose Liqueur
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XIEGAOSHAN - Fine Spirits of Shanghai

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Rare Alcoholic Beverages for Mixing and Enjoying

In Cooperation with Ruby Red Wines

Rose Liqueur (500 ml, 25% vol.)

Nowadays, one appreciates good stories. How does a more than 100-year-old distillery manage to light up the nights the world over? This is a mystery that Combier guards less jealously than that of its recipes! Created solely through mashing or distillation of fruits, plants or highest-quality extracts, the liqueurs and cocktail bases of Combier leave a rich sensation of fruit on the palate that is marvelously suited for the creation of cocktails.

Like its sister, the violet liqueur, the rose liqueur is a sweet and heady essence of flower. A few dashes in conventional drinks will transform them, adding entirely new aspects to well-known formulae. a good example is the Vicomte, a rose-flavoured Martini. But it is also irreplacable in a number of speciality ocktails, where its flavour blends with the other ingredients to create a unqiue aroma.

Please visit our ordering page for information on obtaining Rose Liqueur!

Why not try Rose Liqueur with one of the following cocktails:

Lillian Russel
  • 10 ml Rose Liqueur

  • 10 ml Violet liqueur

  • 10 ml Cream
Slowly and carefully pour the ingredients in the order given into a liqueur glass (ideally a pousse cafe glass), taking care not to disturb the layers.
  • 30 ml Gin

  • 20 ml Dry Vermouth

  • 20 ml Rose Liqueur
Chocolate Tsar
  • 30 ml Vodka

  • 20 ml Rose Liqueur

  • 15 ml Brown Crme de Cacao

  • 2 dashes Coconut Cream
Sweet Pleasure
  • 50 ml Vodka

  • 20 ml Strawberry Liqueur

  • 10 ml Amaretto

  • 10 ml Rose Liqueur

  • 120 ml Grapefruit Juice