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XIEGAOSHAN - Violet Liqueur
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XIEGAOSHAN - Fine Spirits of Shanghai

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Rare Alcoholic Beverages for Mixing and Enjoying

In Cooperation with Ruby Red Wines

Violet Liqueur (500 ml, 25% vol.)

Nowadays, one appreciates good stories. How does a more than 100-year-old distillery manage to light up the nights the world over? This is a mystery that Combier guards less jealously than that of its recipes! Created solely through mashing or distillation of fruits, plants or highest-quality extracts, the liqueurs and cocktail bases of Combier leave a rich sensation of fruit on the palate that is marvelously suited for the creation of cocktails.

The violet flower is a speciality of Toulouse, and the Toulouse area can be considered the spiritual home of Violet Liqueur. It was a very popular cocktail ingredient in the 1920's and '30s, appearing in famous cocktails such as Angel's Wings, Blue Moon or Aviation. A version created in America, Creme Yvette, (chich also contained vanilla and other aromas) is no longer produced, and even in France Liqueur de Violette can be difficult to find. In recent years, however, violet liqueur has been rediscovered by drink afficionados around the world, and the Combier liqueur is an excellent opportunity to discover the taste of the roaring twenties and thirties.

Please visit our ordering page for information on obtaining Violet Liqueur!

Why not try Violet Liqueur with one of the following cocktails:

Blue Night
  • 50 ml Violet Liqueur

  • 30 ml Milk

  • 20 ml Crme de Cassis
Irish Elegance
  • 30 ml Lime Juice

  • 15 ml Pineapple Juice

  • 15 ml Brandy

  • 10 ml Violet Liqueur

  • 45 ml White Rum

  • 1 teaspoon Sugar
  • 45 ml Gin

  • 20 ml Dry Vermouth

  • 1 teaspoon Orange Juice

  • 1 teaspoon Violet Liqueur
Angel's Wings
  • 20 ml Raspberry Syrup

  • 20 ml Maraschino

  • 20 ml Violet Liqueur
Slowly and carefully pour the ingredients in the order given into a liqueur glass (ideally a pousse cafe glass), taking care not to disturb the layers.